What if you could

Build a DIY Brand

That You Actually Love?

Our Canva Template Membership, the Business Template Collective, helps you build a visual brand that’s cohesive + resonates with your ideal client. Ditch the expensive designer, and save hours with our easy to edit templates.


Does This Sound Like You?

You’re so sick of wasting hours playing graphic designer with inconsistent templates,
having no idea if your brand even resonates with your ideal clients, and not even loving the end result.

Guess What? Building a Cohesive Brand Gets to be Easy.


Restore Your Sanity

Sick of just not really loving your visual brand? You’ve tried about 485 templates, and 29 color palettes, only to wind up hating them all and crying into your keyboard, wondering if you’ll ever find any consistency.Β  Wonder no more.

Save Your Money

Hiring a 1-on-1 graphic designer costs a lot. If you aren’t even sure what you want yet, that might be money wasted. And lets be real, with amazing DIY platforms like Canva, do you really have to spend thousands on your visuals? Ummm no.

Reclaim Your Time

You have wayyy more important things to do than graphic design. If you wanted to do that, you would have built a career around it like I did! With hundreds of professionally designed Canva templates, you’ll have graphics in minutes.

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Take an Exclusive Look Inside!


With a Business Template Collective Membership

Everything Is ABout To Change

Here's HOW

Finally Build a Cohesive Brand.

With matching sets of easy to use Canva templates that include Instagram Posts & Stories, Pins, Email Templates for Mailchimp & Klaviyo, Brand Boards, eBooks, Workbooks, Course Slides and more, you’ll easily be able to create any branded materials you need. We add new templates weekly and email you with an announcement, so you’ll never miss a new template!

Get a Professional Visual Brand Without Paying a Fortune.

Maybe you’ve tired hiring a designer, spending hundreds or thousands just to end up having no control over the final product, and waiting weeks for them to finish your project. And then you still hate it. Ugh. Let’s end that cycle.

We’ve designed for hundreds of brands over the past 10 years, so you could say we know a thing or two about creating coordinated visuals.

This is your chance to steal our expertise, with ready to go matching sets of professional template to use as the foundation for your visual brand assets.

Easily customize them with your own twist, and be sure your visuals are professional.

Thirty One Palms Studio Owner Tamara Morrison

Request the Templates You Actually Need.

This Canva Template membership is for YOU, right? We’re not just here to make things that we like and think are pretty. We want your visuals to be on trend,Β  work for you, and meet your needs as time goes on. Because things in the digital world are constantly changing! What worked a year ago, ain’t gonna work a year from now!

Request the templates that you need the most, and we might just make them for everyone to enjoy!Β 

Note: this membership does NOT include custom design, see FAQ.

Get All This and More in The Business Template Collective

Edit all templatesΒ for FREE in their specified platform. Access 2000+ templates in 100+ bundles!



Yep, you get the whole dang shop + 50% off website templates!

Expand your cohesive brand with

Member Exclusive Canva Templates

Each week, you’ll get aΒ member exclusive template pack that you can’t access anywhere else themedΒ in our popular matching collections!


Get 50 % Off ALL Website Templates!

Build your dream website, or build sites for your clients on Wix, Squarespace or Shopify.Β 

As a member, you’ll get an exclusive code you can use over and over again for any website template.


Access All of Our Video Trainings & Tutorials!

Learn exactly how to create a brand in Canva that you actually love.Β 

Who is This Membership For?

Business owners & marketers looking to create a cohesive brand for themselves or their clients, without spending a fortune or hours looking for templates.

Do It Yourself Doesn't Have to Mean Do It Alone


01. Choose Your Plan

Choose from our 3 or 6 Month membership, depending on your needs. Access over 2000 templates.

02. Download

Gain instant access to all of our templates. Preview each, and open in Canva or download all assets with just one click.

03. Design

Use the Free version of Canva to customize the templates to fit your brand. No paid software required. Need help? Just ask!

Our Templates Come in Collections


Canva Marketing Template Membership

After surveying hundreds of small biz owners, bloggers and DIY marketers just like you, ONE word keeps on coming up.


You want it to be easy to create a cohesive, professional brand that you love. You don’t want to spend hours searching for templates, and you don’t want it to take ages to customize a new template every time you need to create something. 

That’s why most of our templates belong to a collection, which include social media posts, work books, webinar and slideshows, emails, and more.

We’re consistently (see what we did there) adding to our collections, and listening to our customer feedback.Β 

You can edit the colors and fonts of a set to match your brand, while saving yourself loads of time on the layout and content.

While Canva itself has tons of templates, they’re usually one off templates, and it can be tough to find a full set that includes everything you need to keep creating resources & content. Especially with Canva’s Free version. You DON’T need the Pro version of Canva, to edit any of our templates!

This Canva Template Membership gives you an extra boost in Canva and other free software like Mailchimp, so your content creation can take off!Β Β 

canva marketing template membership


Hi I'm Tamara, Your Designer

I started out as a burnt out freelance designer who ditched client work to make over 10,000 template sales online in 2.5 years. After that, my life completely changed.

The reason I succeeded with my template shop when others didn’t? Hands down, a solid cohesive brand.Β 

All those years of client work, creating endless sets of branded content, and learning marketing strategies working both with a firm and in my own biz for 10 years taught me a thing or two. I thought, why not use this stuff to build my own digital products company?

I want the same success for you, and wholeheartedly believe good visuals make the difference.

If the biggest barrier to you not getting started is not having gorgeous cohesive branding materials you’re confident in, I’m here to bring professional design to everyone, and help you build a brand you’re proud of, so you can not only start your biz, but you can flourish.


Meet Stephanie

I met Tamara during the early days of our freelance careers, in a high school gym of all places. Yep, we both showed up for an unpaid career fair. Starting out is never easy is it?

I’m glad we went, because we bonded over our struggles in business, became fast friends. Years later, Tamara started 31 Palms and saw quick success. She needed help from someone who was reliable, organized, trustworthy, and knew what they were doing…enter me!

I’ve been working in digital marketing for 10 years, running my own creative firm (I’veΒ never had a W2 “real” job!) working with small businesses.Β 

I’m passionate about Tamara’s mission to help business owners like you avoid making the mistakes we’ve seen so many people make when it comes to branding. Join me for design and business tutorials in our library!

The business template collective

Join Today and Gain Instant Access

3 Month

  • Access to 2000+ Canva Templates (Value $2850)
  • New Templates Every Week!
  • 50% Discount on ALL Website Templates
  • Video Tutorials + PDF Guides
  • Help & Request A Template Portals
  • Use Templates for Client Work! No Reselling.
  • NO Recurring Payments Unless You Choose

6 Month

  • SAVE 30% + Get 3 More Months of NEW Content
  • Access to 2000+ Canva Templates (Value $2850)
  • New Templates Every Week!
  • 50% Discount on ALL Website Templates
  • Video Tutorials + PDF Guides
  • Help & Request A Template Portals
  • Use Templates for Client Work! No Reselling.
  • NO Recurring Payments Unless You Choose
SAVE 30%!
After your initial term expires, you can keep all templates you downloaded without paying another dime. Then you can decide if you’ll keep access + keep getting weekly templates for a $27 monthly investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2000+ Canva TemplatesΒ ready for instant download worth $1850.
  • New Templates weekly. They may match an existing set, or be entirely new branding!
  • Member Exclusives. New templates weekly in our collections that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • A code for 50% off any Website template (Wix, Squarespace, Shopify) so you can really bring your brand full circle.
  • Video TutorialsΒ showing how to use Canva, and our templates. New videos added regularly + member exclusives!
  • Request a TemplateΒ so you can get what YOU need most, and the entire community can benefit!
  • Help PortalΒ for tech assistance or template questions.
  • Unlimited Downloads.Β Keep everything you download for life!
  • Access to our curated image collection links.
  • Access to our free guides!

All templates come with a standard license, for one (1) business.

Here is what youΒ CANΒ do with our templates:

βœ… Publish the finished product (ebooks, workbooks, banners etc.) for up to 5000 end products for sale, including paid membership sites.

βœ… Use the finished product as a free bonus to a paid product

βœ… Use the finished product as free lead magnet giveaways for building your list of prospects

βœ… Use the finished product in an autoresponder series or ecourse

βœ… Use the content to create tools and training for your team, customers, affiliates

βœ… Edit the templates however you wish

βœ… Put your name and brand on the finished product

βœ… Put your own name, logo, and/or website on the finished product

βœ… Edit the text and/or add your own images

βœ… Publish blog posts, articles, tweets, infographics, promo videos, and quote images freely on your own social media accounts and website.

βœ… Can change the format of the content in any way you wish

βœ… Can publish/launch your finished product without needing to credit our site. You may publish/launch your finished products 100% as your own.

βœ… You may pass your editable files to your VA/Support Team, contractors, or employees of your company to help you edit the content – but they still do not have the right to use the template themselves, for their personal use or their own business.

βœ… If you are a VA, social media manager, or graphic designer you may use the templates to create content for your clients – but they still do not have the right to use the raw templates themselves and may not, under any circumstances, have access to the original raw templates. ALL files used for your clients MUST be flattened.Β 

Here is what youΒ CAN NOTΒ do with our templates:

πŸ›‘ You can NOT sell, give away, or pass on the licensing rights, or resell rights to the templates.Β 

πŸ›‘ You can NOT sell, give away, or pass on the editable files to anyone, under any circumstances.Β 

πŸ›‘ You can NOT add the templates to any membership sites, stores, or online marketplaces.

πŸ›‘You can NOT add the templates to free Internet Marketing membership sites or forums

πŸ›‘You can NOT share the original editable template content with clients, other consultants, coaches, trainers, or marketing agencies. This is a single-user license. PleaseΒ contact usΒ to purchase an extended license.

Failure to follow this agreement may result in legal action against you.Β 

Thanks! πŸ™‚

Yes! You can edit all colors, photos, text and fonts. Our templates use fonts and elements included in the free version of Canva, so there is no need to pay for a Pro account unless you want to.

Yes and no….you’ll have to download the photos on your own, but we use photos from Unsplash.com and there is a section in your member portal with curated image collections which match the templates. The photos are free for commercial use, but as always, check licensing on Unsplash πŸ™‚

We love to collect pretty photos, and update these collections regularly.Β 

Our templates come in sets, meaning you can develop your entire brand based upon a set of templates, and keep everything cohesive! (SO important to keep things professional).Β 

Canva’s free templates do not, making it harder to create an identity for your branding. You’re overwhelmed with choices!

Also, with semi custom templates, you’re less likely to have the same, blasΓ© branding as everyone else. Cuz ain’t no one want to be boring around here.Β 

No, we aren’t taking fully custom work (so we can keep a focus on creating templates and content for you!!) This membership is NOT a package or request for custom work.

However, as a member here, you get access to our help portal where we answer any questions you have about your branding or the techy side of things, and we point you in the right direction, so you can DIY with confidence!

Once per week, you will get an email letting you know about new templates & tutorials!

Sometimes, it will be a completely new template as we continue to flesh out a set, and sometimes, we may add new templates to existing packs to keep them fresh, on trend, and relevant.

Either way, you’ll get the weekly lowdown!Β 

You can always request what you need most inside your member portal.

Your membership does NOT auto renew.Β You will be able to choose to continue your membership for just $27/mo at the end of your term. Should you choose this option, you can cancel the month-to-month plan in your member dashboard at any time. See our full terms & conditions for more.

If you choose to let your membership expire or cancel, you will lose access to new templates at the end of your term.Β We do not generally offerΒ refundsΒ due to the digital nature of our products.Β You will not be refunded retroactively for any unused time. You can ALWAYS access all templates and services until your term ends.

You can keep everything you’ve downloaded for life!

After your initial 3 or 6 month term, you can re-enroll at any time at the month-to-month rate of $27/mo, even if it’s been months since you were last with us.Β 

We’re always here via our Request a Template and Help Portal to ensure that you have the support you need. You can also email us atΒ support@31palms.comΒ with questions or concerns.

You can access the library for as long as you are a member with us!Β 

You can keep everything you download from our membership while you were a member FOR LIFE, and reuse it over and over.Β 

If you cancel your membership or let it expire, you won’t be able to access anything in the portal, including all templates or the Help Center once your final term ends.

Our membership is best for female biz owners, coaches, realtors, freelancers, online course creators and beauty professionals.

Virtual assistants and social media managers can also benefit, using the templates to create for their clients. (see License Terms for more info)